Accounting Software in Austria – Costs, Suppliers and Benefits

If you have your own company, you should always be concerned with accounting. In most cases, it is the self-employed and entrepreneurs of smaller companies, who not only take care of the day-to-day business, but also the bookkeeping.

In practice, this means that in any case corresponding documents or even forms are known by the authorities when it comes to taxes or, for example, to clarifying winners. In principle, care should be taken to ensure that you have your own accounting system in good time, so that everything can be regulated at times and there are no problems.


How can I easily organize the bookkeeping?

Organize the bookkeeping?

In the past, accounting was mainly organized on paper. This means that, for example, all goods receipts and outgoing items have been entered on paper and have been paid accordingly. Today this is no longer the case.

This means that self-employed and entrepreneurs are able to complete the accounting process completely digitally.

Numerous positions as well as the current inventory can be viewed directly online. If you are particularly modern, you can save your bookkeeping in the cloud and be able to access the respective accounting and data and to provide analysts via an app from anywhere.

In practice, software solutions for accounting are being used more and more frequently. The accounting software is often used in Austria in order to be able to work properly and to make appropriate solutions smart.

The bookkeeping covers different areas depending on the size of the company. This means that accounts, but also taxes and similar issues can be covered by the accounting department.

It is important to clarify in advance which tasks belong to the bookkeeping and how the tasks can be arranged in the future.

This is important because, for example, when looking for an accounting software should be paid attention to what features it offers and whether all the necessary features are included in order to work in the future with the software.


What advantages does modern software offer for accounting?

What advantages does modern software offer for accounting?

Modern software for accounting not only offers the advantage that appropriate documents can be neatly sorted, but that you can get an overview quickly at any time.

The software can also be of advantage to the tax consultant, as the latter can also have access to the software via a cloud and can thus quickly create the VAT return or even the tax return for the company.

Modern software is able to work with photos, or digitally scan invoices or record via smartphone. An app then ensures that the invoices can be read automatically and can be posted to the system.

In everyday life, the users of the software thus benefit from many smart tools that can be used in any case, to represent the complete accounting system within the software.

  • Invoices can be recorded and processed in the system
  • Open invoices and positions can be seen at a glance
  • Customers can be found easily and quickly
  • Paid and unpaid bills can be viewed
  • Balance sheets can be created

The listed benefits are just a few of many that can be used in any case.

Anyone who has opted for a good accounting software, will find that it can be easily controlled in any case. In most cases, there are even trainings and tutorials that can be perceived to learn how to work with the software.


Accounting software and the tax office – what advantages does the software offer?

Accounting software and the tax office - what advantages does the software offer?

The accounting software also helps in the communication, or in the necessary documents for the tax office.

Specifically, this means that the software is able to generate a revenue surplus bill.

This is necessary for the tax office to determine the profit. Basically, it is possible that with the help of the software very quickly such an overview can be generated. That’s because the software is able to filter all revenue and also all expenses over the fiscal year.

  • Income and expenses can be recorded for specific periods (eg for quarters)
  • Accounting can be set up with regard to the tax declaration
  • Attractive presentations of the business figures possible

In the case of the relevant VAT figures, such software can always help.

Anyone who has to write the sales tax return once every quarter can also reliably determine the relevant figures with the help of the software. It is possible that profits and losses can be determined using the software for accounting in Austria and can even be recorded in a separate file.


What is the cost of an accounting software in Austria?

What is the cost of an accounting software in Austria?

The cost of accounting software in Austria depends, among other things, on how many users work with the software but also on how the software is set up. Software solutions that run in a cloud are generally much easier to manage than software solutions that are installed locally, for example.

The service fees and maintenance fees are usually much cheaper with a software in the cloud, as is the case with a local solution.

If you’re a small business owner looking for affordable accounting software, you should search for so-called open source solutions.

These can usually be very cheap and very easy to put on. In practice, many software solutions are offered cheaply in Austria – usually even with a free trial period.


  • sevDesk accounting software
  • everbill
  • Schweighofer accounting software
  • Free Finance

Anyone looking for suitable software solutions via the Internet will quickly find what they are looking for. It is important to find out how the software offerings differ from each other and what advantages they offer.

In practice, the software differ in their functions, especially in the subtleties. Basic analyzes and evaluations are provided for most software offerings

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