Buying Alexandrite Rings

Shopping for new and unique rings is more popular than ever. We all want to find a unique and original way to express our personality and taste so getting a ring that perfectly does that is a great idea. This is how alexandrite rings got to be as popular as they are today. While they do date back to Russia (the gemstone that is the central piece of an alexandrite ring got its name after Russian Alexander II that lived from 1818 – 1881 despite the fact that the gemstone was discovered in 1834 by a French man) they are very popular worldwide.

These alexandrite rings as we have previously mentioned use the alexandrite gemstone as the center and can be made from one or even several stones for added effect. Usually set in yellow or white gold, sterling silver or platinum bands as the more popular choices but you can also find other alternatives on the market especially if you are willing to buy a vintage alexandrite ring.

Having said that you should know that they are extremely rare and that alexandrite is not easily found. There are some reserves in Madagascar, Brazil, Russia, and Myanmar. The color of the stone is usually very similar to green however this also depends on the perspective you use to observe it as it can become purple as well. Since the gemstone of alexandrite is as rare as it is the cost of alexandrite rings is on the high end as well so keep it in mind if you are considering getting this ring. It’s a great choice if you’d like to have a very unique ring that will make you stand out but you will not have an easy time finding it for a super affordable price. However the investment is usually more than worth it with alexandrite ring.

In terms of its history it’s still considered to be a young stone as it was discovered in 1830 by a French man who then proceeded to name the gemstone after a Russian Alexandar Nicholavich, who was later to become the Russian Czar Alexander II. There were even some rumors that alexandrite was discovered by French mineralist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld on the very birthday of Alexandar Nicholavich (later Alexander II) but those were never really confirmed or denied. The discovery took place in Russian’s Ural Mountains that were considered to be the only source of alexandrite for a long time however today we can also found a bit of it in the areas around Africa, India, Sri Lanka as well as Brazil.

Alexandrite is very rare and very valuable that is why you might have a better chance of shopping for vintage alexandrite rings and jewelry than hoping to get your hands on a new supply. But the gemstone is a very special one to have as its amazing color change is next to magical. Green or blue-sih by day and red or even purple by night it has a transparency and clarity to it that not a lot of gemstones have. Very resistant and thought marking 8.5 on the hardness scale it’s not difficult to care for and the maintenance is super simple as well. The biggest downside to shopping for alexandrite rings is the fact that its unavailability makes them very expensive and you need to put in a lot of work to get your hands on a good piece that will have a clear and strong color changing effect.