Housing will pay from 2018 records of aid to rent that were “in a drawer” worth 60 million

Housing will pay from 2018 records of aid to rent that were "in a drawer" worth 60 million

La consellear Salvador (centro) informa de als ayudas al alquiler

The consulate Salvador (center) informs of als rent aids GVAHABITATGE

The Ministry of Housing, Public Works and Vertebration of the Territory has announced this Thursday will pay from 2018 the 60 million euros corresponding to records of rental aid found "hidden in a drawer without processing by instruction of the previous" consellera, la 'popular', Isabel Bonig. In this way, the current administration intends to give processing and resolution to all this "pufo" that he denounced in April 2016.

This has been reported by the Minister of Housing, María José Salvador, after the meeting held with the Platform for Unpaid Rent Aid to take stock of payments and new aid from the Valencian Government.

Salvador, who has been accompanied by the Director General of Housing, Rehabilitation and Urban Regeneration, Rebeca Torró, has denounced that said "aid that remained unresolved" and "hidden in boxes due to lack of budget, a totally illegal decision", should "to have gone to the Valencian families".

In this regard, the councilor recalled that this information "was put in the hands of the Generalitat Intervention to initiate an audit that is still open due to the complexity, quantity and volume of the more than 19,000 files we are talking about. " In addition, it has committed to "initiate the process to resolve the cases favorably or unfavorably and pay those that correspond" in the first quarter of 2018.

On the other hand, Salvador has also announced that the debt of 280 million euros, inherited by the "mismanagement" of the previous government, is "practically liquidated". At this point he explained that they have paid the 240 million that the previous government recognized the unpaid aid to rent, as well as the aid called 501, which, he says, recognized "nothing else to access the conselleria so that more than 7,000 families they will recover the right to collect them ", 30 million have already been paid, so only 7.6 million will be liquidated, which will be paid in the first semester of 2018.

In this way, the councilor claims to be "fulfilling the commitments" that your department acquired with these families "to make effective the right they had to collect a grant that the previous government, either left unpaid, or left without recognition."

Salvador has reported that housing subsidies granted between 2016 and 2017 have reached a total of 18,341 assistants, compared to the 4,800 issued during the last term of the PP in the Valencian Community (2011-2015), which assumes that in two years these items have been multiplied by four.

In addition to having granted a greater number of these aids, Salvador has also reported the increase suffered by the amount of such assistance, which has gone from 15,024,254.52 euros to 25,753,502.10 euros, 10,729,247.58 euros more than in the previous year and in just two years of the Government's term presided over by Ximo Puig.


According to the consellera has analyzed, the previous government "lost the opportunity" during five years of summoning aid, when calling only those corresponding to 2011 and 2015, despite the fact that the State Housing Plan was in force. But "the most surprising thing is that of the 15 million euros that the previous government granted, they did not pay a euro, they only granted the aid, but they did not pay it and it has had to be the current government who has done it". This was because, on the one hand, "the aid of 2011, either ended up being part of the debt of 240 million or 501 aid that was not recognized by the previous government." On the other, because the aid of 2015 "ended up paying in this legislature the current Consell".

Finally, Salvador has also reported that with the payment of aid in the same year of its award the Ministry has managed to "recover the lost confidence of citizenship" because in just two years and "for the first time, the they summon, they resolve and they pay, without having more money, we manage better and for more people ".

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