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Welcome Message

Welcome to the new Lincoln College JCR website! I'm Peter, and as the JCR President, am here to answer any questions you might have. Please get in touch – both prospective and current students – with any queries you have about the JCR or Lincoln in general.

The JCR functions as a mini student union for college, representing the views of students to college and external bodies, as well as providing a range of ongoing services for our members, from social events to welfare support.

Meetings are held three times a term (2nd, 5th and 8th week) and all current undergraduates are strongly encouraged to attend as it is during these meetings that the JCR decides how to spend its budget.

You can find our constitution, contact details for the JCR officers and a lot of other very important information on the website! Feedback is always welcome.



JCR Info

What does the JCR do for you? Well, at the very least, it is supposed to do the following; provide you with any support you require throughout your degree, make sure those years are as fun as possible and ensure that there is a forum in which your views can be heard and represented.

How is this website supposed to further these aims? Well, not only should it help provide information for each individual student, but it should also serve to make the JCR Committee more accountable.

If there’s anything you feel that could be done better please get in touch with the correct JCR Officer; if you’re not sure who that is, take a look at the Committee section, under the ‘Your JCR’ tab.

Website Info

As well as looking very different to the old one, the new website has quite a few extra features. For instance, the welfare/academic support section has an anonymous message facility which will automatically leave a message for the current Welfare Officer or Access and Academic Affairs Officer, depending on who you write it to.

Also, the new termcard has some very cool filters that let you see events which are relevant to you. Check it out to make sure you’re not missing any important events.

As always, if you feel the website could be improved, please email

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