Find Every Excuse To Not Blog? Well, It Is Time To Start!

You want to blog or write articles, but you just keep talking yourself out of it. Thoughts like, “Who will read my writing?” Or “But I need to speak about ______ for people to be interested.” First, you would be surprised. And second, you never need to write about anything Tiny zone. Once the need comes into the equation, it takes a majority of the joy and away. Instead of it being your hobby, pass time, or fun, it becomes a job.

Our culture today is inundated with the aspect of approval. I realize that it has always been around, but with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and so many other social media platforms, now it seems there is no getting away. We constantly ask ourselves, “Will this picture make me look bad?” “Does this status seem too whiny?” “Did I respond correctly to that text, or should I have used another Emoji?” It is an endless loop.

Writing is, in essence, for you. And with that, you are giving an expression and piece of you for others to see and connect. It is not a job unless of course you run your company’s blog, but a type of fun. A word we seem to use less and less in society today. We constantly have to be connected, working, and on-call. But, starting a personal blog is a way of connecting with yourself and letting others enjoy that aspect.