Golf Club Fitting Tips

Having your golf equipment correctly fitted is essential to improve your game.

Let’s discuss Dianabol for sale the most critical element first. Geometry comes into play in irons, this is measured and checked using the lie angle reading. Golfers need to make sure these angles are correct to ensure a solid golf shot. The lie angle of irons affects how consistent shots will be directionally but has a minimal effect on woods as there is less loft. Golfers are all different sizes therefore not all clubs will work correctly straight off the shelf. The majority of modern irons can be adjusted to get the lie angle more or less correct which helps in hitting the ball straighter and longer.

The length of the club is equally important, everyone needs slightly different length clubs depending on their height and Trenbolone for sale the length of their arms. This is easy enough to change and any good golf store will be able to help you. Remember if you change the length of the irons you also affect the lie angle, make sure to adjust this at the same time.

Grip size comes into play. Golf is a feel game and all the information received after a swinging the club will come through the golfers hands. If the size is wrong it will affect direction and also ability to determine how a shot felt. Grips Clenbuterol for sale that are too small can also twist in the golfers hand during the swing.